Service Design Project

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 The zone: A Playground For Designers 

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R&D Methodologies:

Mapping, Analysis, Co-Design, Design thinking, Gamification, Reward Model.



Ecosystem, strategic planning, Logo, Website, Popup Kit, Annual Plan Content


Project Partners: Shelly Shavit, David Faitelson and Gil Hertz.

The Zone is an engine for examining and presenting innovation in the areas of design, technology and community. A platform for discussing, sharing and rating professional content. A"playground" for designers, engineers and industry. With the help of the zone, the museum can actively explore the field of design on a scale not previously available to it, as it can harness the research community of designers and the high-tech industry. The platform will serve as a tool for monitoring trends, insights, new designers and human capital. A tool that generates discussion, ideas and active sieve. The zone functions as an amplifier and catalyst.

Discover, Define, Develop

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Project Website